The Arabic language challenge

Alhamdulillah, I have completed my first installment of Arabic language course, following Madinah Arabic book, half of level 1. After completing my Tajweed course, I decided to follow the Arabic course as a natural progression from Tajweed.  Just as with Quran learning, I have also been learning Arabic as a language for a while, in fact since my younger days.  My first Arabic Teacher was my first Quran Teacher, a Teacher employed by my father to teach the whole family when we were children. Though he was only employed to teach Quran, because I was keen, he agreed to teach me Arabic but later recommended I learn from a centre for systematic learning.

I remember going with him to an Arabic school but for some reasons, I did not go there but later on went to another centre with a brother who teaches group of students at a specially adapted shelter attached to his home. Ma sha Allah, the brother was blessed with knowledge of both the Quran and Arabic and his method of teaching was so easy that I learned quickly with him. The most lasting thing I learned from him is the Arabic handwriting, I remember him saying I took after his handwriting, and he went on to say that Arabic students usually take after their teacher’s handwriting.



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