Eidul Adha 2017

Alhamdulillah to be alive today to witness yet another Eid. May Allah grant us good health and long life to worship him on this earth and return us back to Him as believing servants worthy of His Paradise Firdous.


Today is my birthday


Today is my birthday but I am not celebrating, I don’t celebrate birthdays and ever since I was born, my birthday has never been celebrated. I do not know why I was singled out for this treatment by my parents as my other siblings’ birthdays were celebrated and they had their framed birthday pictures grazing our living room as a proof, but I had none. All of them had their pictures taken standing alone with a birthday cake in front of them holding on a cake-knife in a pose. But in my own childhood picture I was just standing alone by myself, no cake! And where there was a cake, I was standing next to someone else whose birthday it was, definitely not mine and that picture does not belong to us either.

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Silence during Khutbah

During the Eid prayer, the women were making such a noise that I could not hear the Khutbah properly. Despite admonitions against speaking when the Imam is giving Khutbah, people, mainly women tend to go against this and keep on with their chit chat regardless. I went looking for some hadiths with this regards and I found the following. Though, they all refer to Juma’ah Khutbah, I believe all Khutbah are the same and the ruling applies.

Imagine, just telling someone else to keep quiet is considered as grave as the talking itself, since either way it’s all talking and a greater noise is created. You just have to look at the women, someone is talking, another one chided her and she retorted, “What are you chiding me for?” she said, “Khutbah is going on, keep quiet” and she snapped back, “Mind your business”. The circle could be endless, with chaos arising, hence, the wisdom behind not even telling someone else to keep quiet when the Khutbah is going on. Allah knows best.

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Eid on Friday Juma’ah

I have always understood that when Eid falls on the same day as the Friday Juma’ah, only one of the salat is observed, which is usually the Eid, and Zhur replaces the Juma’ah. But my experience this Eid Al-Adha gave a different understanding. Rather, both situations apply, in which you can either pray Eid, and Zhur instead of Juma’ah or pray both  Eid and Juma’ah.

I asked my friend who invited me for dinner on Eid day and she told me that the Imam can decide either way. I wanted to assure myself of this and I researched the following hadith in support of both situations. Alhamdulillah, for the guidance of Allah (swt) and I sure do learn something new from this Eid.

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