I don’t belong here, they say…

I am in a small village town. It is not small as in tiny with few houses, It is small as in a small town with next to no modern amenities but bigger than a typical village. I call it Villtown. You can see it as a reverse of fortune in a way, from a number one City in the world with everything you can get of the worldly-wise and deen-wise to a world’s backyard village no one ever heard of except for the fact that it has in it a university, the only thing that makes it bearable for me.
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Reducing Climate Change: A Muslim Contribution

Climate change is not something new, what is new is the rapid change in the climate conditions that results in disastrous consequences that we are experiencing today due to global warming. Scientists has predicted that as increase in global warming continues so will the impact on our environment due to the greenhouse effect caused by increase in Carbon dioxide and other gases in the atmosphere. The increase in the atmospheric carbon results from various human activities with industrialisation being a major contributor.  The most industrialised countries today are the major carbon emitters and we all know which countries are these.

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