Allah! There is none worthy of worship except Him…(Q64:13)

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Bible Peddler Harassment – A trip down memory lane (2).

Sometimes, they accost you on your way as you go about your business and force their leaflets on you if you refuse to give attention to them. At work, home, school and street corners, you are not free from them. They use all sort of method to get at you, unfortunately they succeed with some like those mentioned earlier. There was no stopping them and I think the situation is still very much the same up till now.


Bible Peddler Harassment – A trip down memory lane (1).

A recent or shall I say current encounter with a bible peddler triggered decades old memories of such experience from back home. This bible peddler is a woman trying to force her self on me, telling me to believe in Jesus and all. I have encountered her twice already and I don’t think she is giving up easily as much as I am trying to avoid engaging with her in any way. I intend to write about the encounters and how I might take her on if I decide to. But first, I will go down memory lane of my experience of such encounters.