The Battle For Hijab

A Sister with whom I have lived for the last six months just left a week ago. When you meet people and you liked them, it takes a bit of heartache to have to say goodbye when the time comes. But I am used to that in my life, I have met countless number of people with whom I have been friends and we have had to go our different paths when the time comes. The Sister in question is from France, countless of them from the other side of the channel I have met. With some it’s goodbye forever, while I may still be in touch with others. As it’s always in life, people come, people go, it’s just part of living.

This post is about the battle for the Hijab that the sister had to face, the battle we each have to fight to keep our Hijab on, in whatever form we choose to. When she first came from France, her concern was, would she be able to wear her Hijab at work, not being able to wear her Hijab bothers her a lot, she feels suffocated, she doesn’t feel herself without the Hijab, she would say.  I would say to her, you just take your time and see how things go. But she was determined, she wasn’t going to wait, she was just going to go in with her Hijab and deal with the consequence later.



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