Loving and Expressing love for the sake of Allah….

I love you for the sake of Allah

A friend of mine sent me a text message which, inspired me to design cards with expression of love that some of us might not find easy to say but a card could tell it for us. She went on and ended it with “I love you”. Ma sha Allah! That is a very deep expression that I don’t use easily but it comes so natural and easily to my friend. That got me thinking, we are all different in the way we express our love for each other, just as there is variation in the depth of our Love and the reasons for which we love. I love my friend and I don’t feel the need to say it in words, rather my actions express it better than I could in words. At the same time I know that there may be a day when my action changes and she may also stop being expressive of her love, which could be an indication that the love is reaching it limit. A love that reaches it limits means the reason for the love is limited. A long lasting love is that which is connected to a reason that has no limit. Unlimited love is that which is bestowed for the sake of the one that is not limited, who is everlasting, with no beginning and no end. Who most fit this description other than Allah (swt), The Ever-living, the Most-loving, our Lord and Creator?


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The Goodly Life

“The Goodly Life”: (Al Hayaat At-Tayyibah) from Islamic awakening

By: Sheikh Muhammad Mukhtar Ash-Shinqetee

Life, is either for a person, or against him It’s hours and seconds, days and years pass him by Leading him (by his actions) to the Love and Good Pleasure of Allah until he is amongst the people of Ultimate Success and the Gardens of Paradise or they are against him, leading him (by his actions) to the Fires of Hell  and to the Anger of the One, the Just Ruler [Allah].

Life, either it will make you laugh & rejoice for an hour
over which you will cry for an eternity (in the Hereafter)
or it will make you cry for an hour
over which you will laugh & rejoice for an eternity (in the Hereafter).

Life, is either a great blessing for a person,
or an adverse affliction against him.

This is a life which was lived by the earliest generations
by our fathers and forefathers
and by all those who preceded us
All of them, returned to Allah with what they used to do [their deeds].



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