Out of Commission!

No,  not me, it’s my Laptop out of commission.

I lost my Laptop last week Monday and I felt really distraught about it but then when I thought it over, I just accepted that it’s something that was meant to happen. Qadarullaahi wa maa shaa’a  fa`ala.

The painful part of it is that I have 4 years worth of documents and files saved on it which I have not made a full backup of. The last time I backup was nearly 2 years ago and I have since been procrastinating about doing it again. Now I got what I deserve for procrastinating.

When I say I lost my Laptop, I did not mean it went missing or stolen rather it’s “out of commission”, irreparably damaged (may be). On that faithfully Monday afternoon, I was at my friend’s as I usually am for 3 days a week. She just arrived from work and her children were playing, while I was working away on my Laptop.



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