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The Moon and Sun Letters (حُرُوفُ القَمَرٍِيَّة و الشَّمسِيَّة)

The Arabic letter is divided into two equal groups namely Moon letters and Sun letters. Another layer to this rule in Tajweed is what we do when laam Taarif [ل ٱ] if followed by a noun that starts with a moon or sun letter. This means that the writing and reading of laam Taarif [ل ٱ] depends on if the word it is attached to is a moon or sun letter.


Tafkheem and Tarqeeq

اَلتَّفْخِيمُ (Tafkheem) – Heavy letters These are letters with the quality of Elevation (Al-Istia’la)الأستعلاءwhen articulated from the correct Makhraj or point of articulation as explained in the section Makhraj and Sifaat. The heavy letters retains the quality of heaviness either with long or short vowels. There are seven heavy letters namely. خص ضغط قظ Out […]


Prostration of Recitation

It is narrated on the authority of Abu Hurairah that when, the son of Adam recites the Ayah of Sajdah (prostration) and then falls down in prostration, the Satan goes into seclusion and weeps and says: Alas, and in the narration of Abu Kuraib the words are: Woe unto me, the son of Adam was commanded to prostrate, and he prostrated and Paradise was entitled to him and I was commanded to prostrate, but I refused and am doomed to Hell.


Saying the Name of Allah (Al-Basmalah)

اَلْبَسْمَلَة (Al-Basmalah) Every surah of the Quran starts with Al-Basmalah, with the exception of Surah at-Tawbah, Q9. To say Al-Basmalah is to say: بِسْمِ اللهِ الرّحَمٰنِ الرّحِيمِ In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful After seeking refuge in Allah by saying Al-Istiaadha, we then recite Al-Basmalah at the beginning of all the Surah […]


Explanation of the Sifaat (Characteritistic) of the Arabic letters

Sifaat Sifaat Opposite 1 الشّدّة The Strength (As-Shiddah) Trapping the flow of sound, strengthening the complete reliance on the makhraj (point of articulation), associated with the letters in this phrase: أجد قط بكت التّوسط Moderation(At-Tawasut) In between the strength and the weakness is the moderation, where the sound emerges but does not flow from the […]