Peace amidst mosque commotion

I love the mosque and I love going to the mosque not for anything in particular, just for the fact that it is the mosque. For me going to the mosque is not just about praying or attending talks or meeting people, it’s about getting away from everything, taking a rest, seeking solace in the peaceful and tranquil atmosphere of the mosque. I am able to put the whole world behind me sitting at a corner in the mosque freeing my mind from everything else, even myself. Most of the time when I go to the mosque, I really don’t like talking to people beyond saying salaam, I like to just be by myself with no interference from the people, this way I can fully enjoy the peace and solace I seek in going to the mosque. Sometimes, I don’t plan on going to the mosque when I leave home but my feet somehow take me there. This happened last week, I found myself at the mosque, I prayed Asr and waited for Magrib. Even though it was late, I did not feel like going home, I wanted to sleep at the mosque because I was so much stressed out that the thought of going home gave me panic attack. I wanted to revise my hifz too because my memory seems to be leaking somehow. I met a friend there, she too was not planning to come to the mosque but somehow found herself at the mosque early enough for Magrib. Meeting her at the mosque was good because I was able to clear a misunderstanding we had over the phone earlier. I eventually went home as much as I would have loved to stay the night the mosque, that won’t happen until last 10 days of Ramadan.

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Looking for a Spouse: Ramadan Twist.

Looking for a spouse these days is quite a challenge for most people, males and females alike, especially those who try their best to live within the dictates of Islam following the Quran and Sunnah as much as they could. The fact that Islam governs their lives, practicing Muslims would stay away from the opposite gender to avoid free mixing and if they must interact with the opposite gender, it is mostly business-like, short and straight to the point without lingering on.

For these practicing Muslims, when it’s time for marriage the family comes handy in looking for a suitable spouse for them. But because we live in a closed society where no one knows their neighbour, it’s even more difficult even with the help of a family. Some don’t even have any family to help for whatever reasons or circumstance they may have to deal with that exclude their family, just imagine how harder it would be for this kind of people.

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