Your charity in a gift wrap

Don’t turn your charity into a foot that steps on others pride.

Your charity is an act of faith,
An act of obedience to Allah,
An act of love and concern,
A selfless act with your hope only in the reward from Allah, so I believe.

The best of your charity is the one you give in secret,
Not just to others, even to the receiver.
How come that you announce when you give your charity?
You called to say, come to me, I have a charity for you.
Or you say, I am giving you this and that as a charity.

Have you ever thought about the dignity of the receiver of your charity?
Perhaps, the receiver hates to stretch their hands,
But stretch they must out of helplessness.
Helplessness does not equal to lack of dignity.

Help the receiver keep their dignity and be discreet with your charity.
A discreet charity has more value in the eyes of the receiver
And more reward from Allah than open charity.
Yes, the giving hand is better than the receiving hand.
But the receiving hand does not always wish to be so.

Be discreet in your charity,
Don’t turn it into a foot that step on others pride.
Don’t impose your charity on others,
Even if you think they need it,
They might not want it.
You offer, they reject, your intention is already rewarded,
Say salaam and move on, don’t insist, in case you might hurt their pride by so doing.

This is not to say, not to give charity.
By all means do, because it is an act of faith full or reward from the most High.
But let your wisdom precede your charity,         
So you do not have to step on other people’s pride.

One more thing,
Why don’t you help your friend conceal their shame
Of helplessness and being in need
By concealing your charity as a gift?
A dignified heart is more receptive to a gift than a charity.

So, if you seek me out to give your charity, then don’t rub it in.
Help me keep my dignity and be discreet about it.
I know you know I know it’s a charity in a gift wrap.



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