Eidul-Adha 2018


I have no cow to slaughter

No sheep

No goat

No chicken

Not even an egg

But I have a bleeding heart to offer

A scarred life to lay bare in front of my Lord

A flood of tears to go along with it

A longing for the greater good that only my Lord can fulfill

Just like our fathers Ibrahim (as) and Ismail(as)

Full of Faith

I lay me down in the presence of my Lord in total submission

To His Will and Mercy

In Hope and Fear

To heal my heart

Repair my life

Wipe off my tears

Overlook and Forgive my sins

Restore my loss

Elevate my status

Appoint me among the chosen

Grant me the highest level in Al-Janatul-Firdaus

By His endless Mercy and Love

Awaiting a greater good from my Lord in this Life and the Next.

Happy Eidul-Adha to everyone.


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