I am an Incense

This is an artistic inspiration from a line of a poetry I heard one fine afternoon. The quote “I am an Incense, the more you burn me the more fragrance I produce”, came from the Poetry and these words stick with me for the fact that it resonates with everything that I am.

My strength of perseverance in the face of many obstacles is dazzling, even to myself. The more difficulties I face, the more resolute I am in my determination to preserve and find a way out, even if I have no clue how to. So, when I heard this line from the poetry, it just sticks and keeps on ringing in my ears. So I think, my perseverance is just like the incense that produces more fragrance as it burns.

As individuals we all have many virtues that we develop and stick to as we go through different kind of life experience, either good or bad. Those virtues are dear to us and we cling to them as if our actual living depends on them. Virtues are commendable human qualities that are universal by nature; they cut across borders, race, colour, culture and nationality. Even animals possess virtues; a dog is forever loyal to its owner, even at the cost of its own life. That shows that virtues extend even beyond us human.

I know I am not the only one burning the fragrance out of my perseverance. I thought of a way of sharing this one line of inspirational words that is a similitude to every known human virtue and I came up with the idea of expressing this line in an artistic way in the form of words of virtue that we all share.

You can always find inspiration in knowing that you are burning the fragrance out of your virtue, the more it burns, the more fragrance it produces. You can stay resolute in what you believe in, whatever the odds and you can be rest assured that whatever your virtues are, you share them with countless number of people world over.

A mug for your favourite drink with your favourite virtue that reminds you that you are just like an Incense, is what I want to share with you and you can share it with your family and friends too.

This was originally featured in another blog of mine which is more technical but I feel here is the right place for it.

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