Five Secrets to Enduring Hardships

Five Secrets to Enduring Hardships

A sister sent me the following writings, I found it inspirational and forwarded it to my contacts, two of whom came back to me asking for the source because they found it inspiring too. Unfortunately, I could not get the source from the sender .

Personally, I find inspirations from many sources not just Islamic and I never shun any thing just because it does not come from an Islamic source as long as it is not fundamentally against my beliefs as a Muslim. So, here it goes…

Have you ever been told that the road to success is not a bed of roses? Well it’s true; you will need to face number of hardships before you can achieve true success. If you never had to endure any hardships to reach where you are today, you are probably not successful. Take for example the butterfly that comes out of its cocoon, after a long and painful struggle. The struggle makes the butterfly stronger and ready for its life in this world. If the butterfly is helped out of its cocoon, it will die very soon. Thus, the hardships that you face on your journey to success are merely little thorns that will make you better equipped to face the challenges of the world. For after all, what can’t kill you, can only make you stronger! So how will you make yourself endure the hardships that come your way? Well, for that, you need to remain strong and focused and follow the five tips listed here.

1.    Remain committed and motivated towards your goals.

One of the most important secrets towards achieving success is motivation. Unless you are driven and motivated about succeeding, there is no shortcut to help you on your way. When you are motivated about something, it also means that you are ready to face anything to see you through the journey. Thus, being committed and motivated about your goal will help you to make decisions that are conducive to your goal. You will be ready to sacrifice a lot and do all it takes to achieve success.

2.     Be persistent.

It is true that in your journey to success, you will face a number of hurdles. There will be times when your goal will seem far away and almost unachievable dream to you, but you will need to keep yourself faced in the right direction and know that eventually you’ll get to your goal, no matter how hard it is at the moment. Giving up on your dream is akin to failing. People who give up are failures and they will never ever be able to accomplish anything until they change their mentality and accept all the hardships that come their way. Regard the hardships in your life as stepping-stones to success. To reach success, you will have to climb over these hardships. Struggle is simply a part of life.

3.    The power of positive believing.

Have you ever realized how important a role positive thinking plays in helping you to achieve success? Well, people who keep thinking negative and believe that they are not capable of achieving success, or that the hurdles are too hard too overcome, will never be able to reach success in reality. On the other hand, a person with a positive and strong mentality, will be able to tell himself that the hurdles are surmountable and as such, he will also be able to gain the power to do all he can to remove those hurdles from his way. Indeed, the mentality helps a person to achieve success.

4.     Learning from mistakes.

Take a look into the lives of any successful men – you will notice that each of them have made mistakes and failed a number of times in their lives. But at the same time, each of them had the power to overcome those setbacks. They take each mistake as a learning experience. Instead of getting demoralized at the failures, successful people manage to get over the failures by making the mistakes their strength, the next time.

Also take a look at other people who have gone down the same road as you are going now, and have achieved success. Look at the mistakes they have made and try to make sure that you don’t repeat the same mistakes that they have. By doing this your goals will be closer to you if you went through the hurdles yourself. And who knows, perhaps there’s even a shortcuts or two that you can find.

5.     Re-evaluate your actions and play with your strengths.

When you face hardships in your journey to success, you will need to pause and re-evaluate your actions. What went wrong? Why did it not work? – These are just some of the questions that you need to ask yourself. Based on your reply, you need to modify your game plan, so that you can succeed in your next trial. This time, try to include strategies that are your strengths in the game plan. This will increase your chances of succeeding.

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