I just want to live my life

I am a woman

Yes, I am

I have a life to live

Just like everybody else

I have a mind to think

Just like everybody else

I have a wish for my life

Just like everybody else

To live a fulfilling life

Why then do I have to be subjugated?

To please someone else

To make them adequate

While I am being made inadequate

To make them powerful

While I am being made powerless

To make them proud and in control

While I am being made voiceless and weak

To make them rich and high

While I am being made poor and low

I refuse to be subjugated

I refuse to be inadequate

I refuse to be voiceless

I refuse to be powerless

I refuse to be poor and low

My life is as important as yours

My mind is as clear and as sharp as yours

My wish for a fulfilling life is as good as yours

I raise my voice loud and clear

I am a woman with a purpose

With a life to live just like yours

I set out on my journey

To live a life as fulfilling as I wish

Don’t let anyone come between me and my purpose

I will stand high and tall

With a voice as loud as a bellow

To defend my purpose

To fulfill my wish

To set my footprints

For generations to come

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