Exact point of articulation of the Arabic letters

In order pinpoint the exact point of articulation of each of the letters as outlined in the previous post, the letters are pronounced with saakin [  ] preceded by hamza     []as follows.

Establishing the exact point of articulation of the Arabic letters

Al-Halq – The throat
Al-Lisaan – The tongue
Ash-Shafataan - The two lips

For non-Arabic speakers, it could be very difficult to get the Makhraj for some of the letters right; the secret to this is constant practice and checking with someone versed in Tajweed. The letters I particularly found difficult are the letters of the throat and I believe many other people do find articulating these letters a challenge. Also the sound of letter [ ], which only exists in the Arabic language, could be quite a challenge as well. But constant practice makes them easy to articulate, what you get is however proportionate to the effort you put in, just as in everything we do.

Tajweed in English has got sections on the Throat Makhraj and common mistakes. Here the presentation explains the mistakes that are commonly made when pronouncing the letters articulated from the throat. With that in mind, one can take note not to make such mistakes and if already doing so, it can be corrected with the tips provided in the presentation.

As already said in the initial post, learning the Makhraj or point of articulation of the Arabic letters is the first step into Tajweed and first step into reading the Quran as it should be read according to the sunnah of the Prophet (saw).

A good place to learn more about Makhraj with audio-video presentation is Tajweed in English.

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