Tajweed ul Quran, So far so good

All praise belongs to Allah (swt) without whom nothing can be accomplished. Before I started Tajweed Quran classes in 2009, I had lots of issues going one and I wasn’t too sure I could start let alone go through from start till the end. I remember before I started, I had been to a brother who Ma sha Allah is well versed in Quran and Arabic language. During my conversation with him, he had said something like;” I think you should make the most of this time by memorising the Quran”.  Of course, I have been memorising the Quran off and on; I once had sessions with a sister every Saturday for memorising, but I had to stop at a point because I found out that there is much to learn before I can really memorise the Quran properly, which has to do with the correct pronunciation, rhythm and all that has to do with what is called Tajweed.

Whenever I read to the sister, she always point out my mistakes and correct them telling me this and that on how to say this particular ayah or words within the ayah. I had learnt the Quran from my childhood but not really the right way. So, whenever I recite, I do not make the right sound as it should be to well-trained ears that know the art and science of reciting the Quran. Because of this, I stopped memorising and joined a session with a sister who teaches the Tajweed to sisters at a mosque. But I found it quite difficult to understand as I did not start with the group from the beginning. Despite the fact that I read the recommended book, I still could not catch up. So I gave up and the fact that the sessions were cancelled all together due to other reason at the mosque did not help me either.

When the brother said,” I think you should make the most of this time by memorising the Quran” of course I couldn’t tell him anything about my several attempts in doing so but I sure do take his suggestion seriously, thinking of what to do. First of all, I need to make right my wrongs in reciting the Quran before I can attempt memorising again. So, I started thinking of joining Tajweed classes again, I looked up many places offering classes, days, times, frequency, female teacher and cost. I eventually found an option that suit my needs and I started despite not knowing if I would be able to finish it or not due to circumstance beyond my control. I did so, putting my trust in Allah.

Alhamdulillah, I started in June 2009 and I finished in December 2010. There were 4 sessions or levels to the Course. Each level consists of various topics in Tajweed that culminate to the whole study of everything that constitute Tajweed, assuming all the levels are completed.

  • Level 1 consists of the Makhraj, the rule of nun-saakinah and Tanween, meem saakinah, lam saakinah, qalqalah and more.
  • Level 2 Consist of the rule of Maad, Hamzatul wasl, rule of raa and more.
  • Level 2 Advanced consist of the characteristics of the Arabic letters or Sifaat, the exceptional rules and more.
  • Level 3 consist of the practical implementation of all that has been learnt in the previous levels, reciting Surah Al-Bakarah. Also the rules of stopping and other exceptional rules pertaining to recitation of the Quran.

Through out the course, I found out that learning the Tajweed rules is quite easy, if you are good at learning there is nothing much to it. The only difficulties in Tajweed is the implementation, I mean correct application of it. I guess that is why one needs to learn the rules and able to apply it as well and this starts from the Makhraj. Knowing the exact point of articulation and ensuring the Arabic letters are pronounced properly giving each letter it dues in pronunciation and characteristics.

I had four different teachers for each level of the course and each of the Teachers had their own method of teaching which I had to adapt to. In the beginning I thought I would prefer the same teacher throughout but it was not possible for my time availability to have the same Teacher for each level of the course. I had to go along with whatever Teacher happens to be teaching the level I am doing at that point in time.

I have started re-memorising the Quran again, paying attention to correcting the mistakes from previous memorisations before I learnt the Tajweed. Alhamdulillah, a dear sister is giving her time to check on my memorisation and help correct me. The memory is quite funny in a way, once you’ve commit something to memory, it is quite difficult to erase that memory and replace it with something new. Even though, I read quite well with Tajweed the Surahs I had memorised before, I still find myself reverting back to my previous memorisation when I try reading from memory. Not really sure how to erase the previous memorisation, but I keep on listening to my best Quran reciter and hopefully it will stick. I also visualize my mushaf, taking note of the areas where I make mistake and remembering the particular word or letter for special emphasis.

I will use this section of my blog to regurgitate everything I have learnt in Tajweed as a means of revision and continuous learning. There are lots of Tajweed resources online; the one I particularly like most is www.tajweedinenglish.com.

Did I say I started learning Arabic too, Alhamdulillah, I finished with Tajweed and I decided to go on studying Arabic.  I had learnt Arabic in the past just as I had learnt Quran but I hope this time, I will complete it properly. The gist is, to learn Arabic to understand the Quran better… and whatever more benefit comes from learning the language.

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  1. Quran is the only way that adds lightening glory to the living of our lives. Quran leads us to the right path of prosperity.
    So visit this and learn Quran Tajwed….

    Quran Tajwed

  2. as-Salaamu 3layki yaa Ukhtee,

    Your blog is so inspiring, Allaahumma baarik. I have started my journey to learning this Science and I hope Allaah makes it easy for me, ameen. Barakallaahu feeki!

  3. Assalaam alaikum Um Yusuf.

    Glad to know you are inspired by my writing to start on a journey to learn Tajweed. Ma sha Allah it’s easy and does not take long to learn at all, all you need is good intention and dedication. May Allah(swt) make it easy for you and bless us all with beneficial knowledge.

  4. May allah give you jaja for this.
    Please add link of video for makhraj. It will be good for us.

  5. Assalaam alikum.
    Thank you for your comment.

    Ifnyou are interested in videos for Makhraj, check out Tajweed in English. The brother has excellent audio-video presentations that I have found extremely helpful in learning Makhraj of the Arabic letters..

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