The five points of articulation

The points of articulation of Arabic letters in Tajweed is known as Makhraj, singular and Makhaarij, plural. There are five main points of articulation which coincide with the organs of speech from where the letters emanate from. These five parts are further divided into 17 subsections of actual point of articulation for each letter.

The five parts of speech/Makhaarij

The five parts of speech with number of specific Makhaarij

Part of speech
General makhraj
MeaningSpecific MakhrajLetters
1Al-KhayshumThe nasal passage1Ghunnah sound
2Ash-ShafataanThe two lips24
3Al-LisaanThe tongue1018
4Al-HalqThe throat36
5Al-JawfThe chest area13 (Madd = Elongation)
Total Specific Makhraj17

Arabic letters

Next post will be explaining the specific Makhaarij from the parts of speech and the letters that comes from each Makhraj.

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