Musa: Invoking Allah for Confidence

Moses Dua for confidence in speech.

Have you ever felt like you are heading to a battle front, when you have had to meet with certain people in your life? Have you been so so frightened that you can hardly make a sound when you find yourself in the presence of certain individuals? Have you ever found it exceedingly difficult to say your mind and your truth when you are speaking to certain people because of the amount of power they exert over you? If you answer yes to any of these, you certainly are not the only one. Many people does, even the Prophets were not exempted from this feeling of dread.

That brings us to the story of Musa(as) and Fir’aun in the Quran. Infact, the most oft-repeated story in the Quran has to do with Musa, Fir’aun and the Bani Israil.  Musa(as) have had to face Fir’aun and deliver the message of Allah(swt) to him. He had to tell Fir’aun to worship Allah without associating partners with Him. He had to tell Fir’aun to let the Bani Israil free from his bondage. He had to warn Fir’aun of the impending punishment from Allah(swt) if he does not accept the message.

Alas, Musa(as) was raised from a baby to adulthood in the household of Fir’aun, he committed a crime in the land of Fir’aun and ran away to Midyan. Musa had a speech impediment, he does not speak coherently enough for people to understand him properly. Upon that he will be facing the most dreadful tyrant on the land with a message he certainly does not want to hear. One can just imagine how dreadful the prospect would have been for a Messenger, who is not a welcome guest in the presence of a tyrant.  But Allah so Merciful, inspired in Musa(as) this dua to give him the strength, confidence and the eloquence he needed to face the task in front of him.

So, next time you feel that someone is like a mountain that could come crashing down on you when you are in their presence or if you need the strength, the confidence and eloquence to put your thoughts across to people, use this dua, it worked wonders for Musa(as).  By the permission and Mercy of Allah, so will it for you and me.

Isn’t the Quran a living book?

Isn’t Islam so beautiful?

Isn’t Allah so Merciful?

Aren’t we so fortunate to be Muslims?





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