Out of Commission!

No,  not me, it’s my Laptop out of commission.

I lost my Laptop last week Monday and I felt really distraught about it but then when I thought it over, I just accepted that it’s something that was meant to happen. Qadarullaahi wa maa shaa’a  fa`ala.

The painful part of it is that I have 4 years worth of documents and files saved on it which I have not made a full backup of. The last time I backup was nearly 2 years ago and I have since been procrastinating about doing it again. Now I got what I deserve for procrastinating.

When I say I lost my Laptop, I did not mean it went missing or stolen rather it’s “out of commission”, irreparably damaged (may be). On that faithfully Monday afternoon, I was at my friend’s as I usually am for 3 days a week. She just arrived from work and her children were playing, while I was working away on my Laptop.

I had my Laptop on my lap, isn’t it where it’s supposed to be? maybe not.  But there are no proper sitting arrangements at my friend’s hence I always sit on a small chair with my Laptop hooked to a router near her TV for internet access, since most of my work are online. For this, I feel compelled to sit with my Laptop on my lap all the time.

The child was only playing as he usually does, simply by accident, he knocked my Laptop off my lap and bang it goes on the floor, Laptop on one side and battery thrown off the other side. By the time I gathered it all together, the did has already been done, the Laptop is kaput! I fixed the battery back to its compartment and looked at screen, what was staring me back in the face was a bleeding screen. The LCD is broken and black ink smeared all over the screen with some blank white patches here and there.

I wanted to cry but tears won’t come, there is no use crying over spilled milk, is there? Why would I want to cry in the first place? It’s simply because I have absolutely no money to repair the Laptop if it is repairable let alone buy a new one if it cannot be repaired. I told my friend that she will have to help pay for the repair but then I do not feel good about it and have no intention of making her pay for the damage just because her child caused the accident.

In order to save the situation, my mind started working on what to do; the first idea was to save my documents and files, they are more important than the Laptop itself. If I can salvage my data, the rest will not be much of a problem; I have a desktop with another friend I can easily retrieve back. Back at my place, I tried fixing an archaic monitor I have with the Laptop to see if it can read the data but to no avail.

My mind still working on what to do, I decided on retrieving my PC from a friend, I had lent it to this friend of mine when her children’s computer needed servicing, they can use mine while waiting for theirs to come back from the Technician. I also posted some messages on some forums to see, if I can get some information on how I can salvage my Laptop, most especially the data. Ma sha Allah, I got some useful responses back from the forums I posted to but all in all I have to spend money wish I do not have.

I also contacted Dell, the company I bought the Laptop from and they asked for the picture of the broken Laptop to know the extent of the damage so as to know what fixes will be needed. They got back to me saying the LCD needs replacing and servicing, that will cost me some dough, nothing is free, I already ran out of warranty and of course no insurance. A trip to PC World came with the same result, even costing more plus data retrieval.

Having already accepted that fact that my Laptop is over and done with, I set up my desktop over the weekend to keep me running but still haven’t got internet connection yet. I ordered the cheapest USB wireless adapter available on Amazon and I am still waiting for it. Thankfully I decided to keep my desktop 4 years ago when I bought the Laptop, on many occasions I had wanted to give it away or sell it, only no one will have it. Even after my friend got her children’s PC back from the Technician she could not wait for me to collect mine, always reminding me each time I call to come and collect it.

Allah (swt) already decreed that I will need it once again; probably that is why no one wanted it. Alhamdulillah, for providing me with this alternative, even though I feel bad for losing my Laptop, most especially the data, I am grateful to Allah (swt) for giving me something to fall back on.

Alhamdulillah alaa kulli haal

Hopefully something good will happen soon and I can at least retrieve my data or buy a new Laptop if I have to, Insha Allah. Meanwhile, I am starting on a blank sheet and definitely not on a blank mind.

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