So, what comfort ?

Yes, I was born of wealth,

Indeed, I was named after wealth.

But yet, I have had to live a very simple life,

A life with just the bare necessities.

It’s good to live a comfortable life,

It’s good to have money.

But I am happy with the bare necessities,

Indeed, I am happy with no money.

I prefer the comfort of the hereafter,

The place where comfort matters most,

Where wealth and lineage will be of no avail to any one,

Except for those who keep the remembrance of their Lord foremost,

Living their life but focused on the hereafter.

For them are the gardens under which rivers flows,

Lofty buildings of gold, silver and diamonds,

Everything at their beck and call with no effort,

A comfort incomparable, that the mind can not imagine.

Why then should I whimper over a transient comfort that evades me?

When my eyes are set on the greater good,

The never ending comfort of the hereafter.

That reminds me, what is the point of having money,

When it sends you to bed crying ?

So, what comfort?

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