The Qira’ah I love best..

Ma sha Allah ! My favourite reciter, Abdul Basit Abdul Samad. When I saw this clip, I was captivated by it, though not Abdul Basit, the recitation’ is surely the same as Abdul Basit Qira’ah. When I was young learning the Quran from my family Mu’allim, I once asked him for a  Quran recitation recording I can listen to and he gave me a cassette of Abdul Basit recitation telling me he was the best reciter then and I have loved the Qira’ah of Abdul Basit since then. I do listen to other Qari like Hosary, Basfar and others but I love Abdul Basit best, I have been listening to Abdullah Basfar for my Tajweed and I follow Mohammed Hosary for Learning too.

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