Upstaged by alternative religion people – A side note (5)

On a side note: I have not been meeting the Ethiopian Lady lately, which is a good thing for me but she has made me to be more aware and observant of the religious peddling activities that is the daily feature of almost every London street or neighborhood I happen to be. Peddling religion is not just an activity limited to the Christians only; all sort of religions peddle their thing including our dear beloved Muslims of the Dawah Table Kingdom. That brings me to this little observation I made that really made me laugh at the irony of things as I perceived them. There is a street in London with lots of shops to buy till you drop if you are that sort of person and it will not cost you an arm or a leg in the process. I guess there are many of such streets but this one has got a unique flavour to it. You can walk the whole of the high street in less than 5 mins, it’s not that long. In the middle of it is a train station, pass the train station, take a turn and you are in a different part of town but same. Along that street is a Mosque, next door to it, is a Temple, as you go along there are several churches, though I don’t know how many, I can count at least two and of course a much bigger Temple. If you are a vegetarian and you love spicy foods, you will be spoilt for choice here; every second door seems to be a place to eat in this unique part of London.

As you come out of the train station, you come out into a wide and open space in the middle of the high street with no much overhead covering such that when it’s windy, it feels like the wind will sweep you off your feet. That is how I feel all the time I pass by this place and I move as quickly as I can or try looking out for some poles to hold on to as I move quickly along on windy days. But this space serves a lot of purposes, people sits around on available sitting places to relax and some people congregate there for whatever purpose and so would you see all sort of people peddling their wares including the spiritual wares. Both the Christian and the Muslim peddlers are to be found there on different days and sometimes the alternative religions. Along the high street you can see all sort of religious peddlers, mainly the Christians of different denominations, sometimes Muslims too. But in that open space, I have only seen one at a time, which makes it look like they are rotating the use of the open space. Sometimes it’s the Christians doing their thing in there and some other times it’s the Muslims, I rarely see the alternative ones.

This particular day, I was passing by as I would normally do, taking things in as I go along. At the upper end of the high street, there were young Christian men doing their thing and down the high street in front of a popular shop, there was an old Christian man doing his thing, I went along and crossed over to the open space. Behold, in front of me at the open space was a rare spectacle; an alternative religion people took the stage in a big way. There was a man sitting on the floor possibly a mat underneath him with his drum and a microphone in front of him singing his thing and some others surrounding him singing along. I also noticed they were handing out fliers too. I am not used to watching spectacles of things I have no interest in, but I sure do take notice sometimes. Few steps past them as I went along were some Christian peddlers with their folded table, mic and things, standing and watching in what seems to me like, in amazement at what is unfolding right in front of them.

The irony of the situation hit me right there and then, I don’t have to think deeply about it, the picture tells the whole story, the alternative religion people have upstaged the Christian peddlers today, I smiled to myself with that thought. Still going along on my path, I took a turn and few feet down the road, was our dear beloved Muslims of the Dawah Table Kingdom with their wares too, in front of a shop not far from the mosque. I smiled a bit wider because the alternative religion people have not just upstaged the Christian peddlers, so have they our beloved Dawah workers.