Zakarriyah: Prayer for a good offspring

Being a Muslim for me is a blessing unimaginable. I love the fact that I was born and raised a Muslim and I have always been a Muslim without the burden of having to rationalise why I must be a Muslim. At the same time I am grateful that Allah(swt) has given me the understanding of the deen in a natural way so I do not have to question everything in relations to my deen because I just know that is right or this is wrong according to my fitra or natural inclination.

When there is a long wait for my expectations from Allah to be fulfilled, I never feel that it is wrong that my expectations are taking long or perhaps I may never get my expectations fulfilled. In this respect we can take a leaf from the story of Prophet Zakarriyah (as), who waited many years to have his dream of a child to inherit him. He was old and grey without a child with a wife who already passed the child-bearing age, yet he never gave up on his expectations from Allah. He continuously prayed till Allah(swt) answered his prayer and bestow upon him Yahyah (as) who was a Prophet too. Zakarriya (as) was not only blessed with a child of his own, he was also bestowed the guardianship of Mary, the Mother of Isa(as).

Allah(swt) test the ones he loves, and we can take a leaf from the lives of the Prophets how they lived their test and continue to earn the favour of Allah(swt) even after they are already long gone. Ibrahim (as), the friend of Allah was also tested with a long wait before he was bestowed with a child and our prophet Muhammed (saw) though blessed with children, he had to bury all his male children, a calamity for any parent. Yet, they all lived their test as devoted servants of Allah, praying continuously for relief from Allah and firmness is their faith till their prayers and yearning were fulfilled.

This dua of Zakarriyah, though short, is filled with all his yearnings, expectations, trust and devotions to Allah. Even if we are already blessed with children, continuously repeating this dua is a blessing on its own, for ourselves, the children we already have and the ones to come.



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